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Leadership Development with Measurable Results and Sustainable Change – Guaranteed!

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The most important important skills in the twenty-first century are agility, innovation, and leadership. Our leadership programs help create agile innovative leaders who are prepared to excel in a world of accelerated and unceasing change.


All Peer Mentoring program participants research and produce a real measurable workplace improvement, a workplace improvement with a positive ROI. In the process the program transforms participants into natural collaborators for creating positive change.


The ‘Agile management revolution’ is alive and well, and while we offer a large number of classes teaching and mentoring on Agile, one critical element is lacking. Unfortunately, without this element, it is likely your investment in training will not be able to bear much fruit. What is the missing element? An Agile-Mindset within the organization as a whole. 

It’s one thing to teach an Agile or Scrum skill – it’s something completely different to create an environment where the culture of the organization embraces that skill as a foundational element of daily activity.


​This innovative ‘Peer’ program bridges that gap, and is essential to any successful agile transformation.  


All Product Owners know 'innovation’ is not something relegated to the Innovation Department. Innovation is at the heart of the Product Owner and Developer agile roles. For an organization to thrive, particularly now, it needs to have a company-wide ‘Innovation Culture’. 

It is vital for everyone from the CEO, to the mid-level manager, to the cleaner, to understand what innovation truly means, how to become an effective part of an innovation cycle, and how to apply innovative thinking on a real-time basis.

It is also vital to create an environment where the culture of the organization has been transformed to embrace innovation as a foundational element of daily activity. 


​This innovative ‘Peer’ program bridges that gap, and a great place to start with Product Owners and Scrum Developers. 


What is it worth when your team of ten Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters produces like twenty? Or forty? In this program Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters acquire ten simple yet powerful collaboration ceremonies to dramatically increase their effectiveness as coaches. Of course, they also do a workplace improvement project with a positive and measurable ROI. 

In our experience most coaching teams build awesome Agile delivery teams, but never develop the full potential of their own coaching team. Agile coaching teams who learn collaborative-dynamics skills and collaboration ceremonies discover even they can become a highly functional team. 


One-on-One Coaching Programs for Individuals and Teams


Support Agile champions and leaders with exceptional world class coaching. One-on-one Agile Coaching gives your key leaders access to top Agile experts to ask questions, review decisions, and explore alternatives. Coaching time is customized to support the individual and includes goal setting, artifact reviews, and directed Q&A.  Working with thought leaders who have been through similar challenges before gives people confidence to move forward and achieve their goals.


Great organizations never stop learning. This guided program teaches dozens of Agile skills, techniques, and ceremonies not covered in our Agile training classes. Packaged in tiny 30-minute sessions to increase knowledge without interrupting work. Maintain the momentum of agile adoption by reinforcing core agile concepts, building new agile competencies, and providing timely answers to agile questions.


Teams learn dozens of additional Agile skills, techniques, and ceremonies not covered in our Agile training classes. This program delivers many of the benefits of regular agile coaching at a fraction of the traditional coaching price. 

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Building Backlogs, Visions, Value Streams, Personas, and Story Maps Together

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We build your backlog with you! Product Owners have been handed the toughest job in all of Agile. Training isn't enough. We change the lives of Product Owners by walking with them, hand-in-hand, through a powerful yet simple 4-step launch process for creating great Agile backlogs. 


Successful businesses continually refine and improve how they deliver value. The Value Cycle is a proven way to create effective value driven outcomes for any line of work, enabling businesses to execute a consistent and repeatable continuous improvement process at all levels of the organization.

The Value Cycle works by focusing on four simple steps that can be completed in as few as two to three hours; with the right people in the room and the good facilitation the pieces fall together as each step supports the next. 

The Value Cycle is an iterative approach to investigation and delivery. Each activity elaborates on previous activities and invites continued refinement of previous work. 

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