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Celebrating and Embracing the Best of  Your Organization


Do any of these describe you?

  • You are interested in discovering what Agile is, how it works, and why it works

  • You believe work can be both more productive and more fun 

  • You love to learn and are open to new ways to work

  • You want to advance your personal career and advance your team

  • You know there are always ways to improve… and you love finding them

Do any of these describe Project struggles?

  • It takes too long to get things done

  • It costs too much to get things done

  • Our quality is not where we would like it to be

  • We cannot reliably schedule work 

Do any of these describe Agile struggles?

  • We tried agile and it didn't really work

  • We tried agile and it worked, but know we could do more

  • We tried agile, it worked with a small team, but we lose many benefite when we scale

  • We tried to scale agile, it cost a lot, and we haven't seen the changed we hoped for


Do any of these describe Scrum challenges?

  • We took an hour to estimate one work item

  • Many of our work items carry over to the next Sprint

  • We have 1000 work items in Jira but we don’t know where to start

  • We don’t really know when we will be done

  • We have lots of projects but nobody in the business has time to help

"If these partially or fully describe you,
discover how to unleash
the hidden potential within yourself,
your teams, and your organizations."
Helene & Tom, Founders, A2Agile Inc. 


What We Value

Our Customers And Their Inherent Strengths

  • Our customers are why we exist

  • We share with our customers only knowledge we full-heartedly support and believe in

  • We deliver only what we believe advances our customers' stengths and best interests

  • We celebrate the best of our clients through appreciative and positive change


80+ Years Software Delivery Experience

A2Agile Microphone 1 6 20.jpg

Tom Meloche & Helene Gidley
Tom and Helene believe in Appreciative Agile, growing agility with our clients by celebrating and embracing the best of their existing corporate culture.  Tom taught the very first class on Agile in Michigan in 2002. Helene was one of his students. For the past seventeen years they have been leading agile transformations in companies of all sizes, from startups to the Fortune 500. 


Tom has overseen the delivery of hundreds of Agile projects with budgets counted in the billions. He has been creating, teaching, and implementing agile methodologies for almost two decades.


Tom was a co-founder of one of the most successful little agile software development houses in the country, Menlo Innovations LLC. He consults on how to leverage ceremony, feedback, and metrics to achieve higher levels of engagement and success.

Tom has a direct marketer’s view on metrics. His best-selling book Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising was first published in 2011 by the Entrepreneur Press, the third edition was released in 2017.

Tom is a strong advocate for Agile ceremony, something he considers a forgotten art, and authored the book Ceremony: A Profound New Method for Achieving Successful and Sustainable Change.


Tom has been working in the technology industry for almost 45 years. His diverse background as a salesperson, systems engineer, software developer, successful entrepreneur of one of the first internet companies in Michigan, chief information officer, business process consultant, and vice president of an enterprise software company, have prepared the ground for Tom to connect with almost anybody in the business and technology world.

For the best part of the last decade, Tom has been working as a scrum master and agile coach helping two different organizations along their agile journey. First with the University of Michigan Medical School and then with ITHAKA, makers of JSTOR.

During this time, Tom has been a consummate participant in the Agile community as a member of the Agile Groupies, regular speaker at several conferences including the well-known Agile & Beyond conference in Detroit, and a prolific writer (you can find some of his writing here). 

Tom believes that every organization needs to discover their own path for their agile journey. Rather than a cookie cutter approach, he encourages teams to utilize agile principles to maximize customer value delivery by building on their existing base. He is always looking for better ways to help teams find and tackle the biggest opportunities to improve.


A co-founder of A2Agile Inc., Helene Gidley, PMP, CSM, has been working as an Agile trainer, mentor, and coach for over fifteen years. She is also a coach of coaches, leading the annual Agile Coach Retreat in Ann Arbor MI.

Helene created HSG Consulting LLC where she assisted teams since 2003 navigating their agile journeys. She has over thirty years of experience in the IT industry at Fortune 500, startups, and mid-sized companies bringing broad experience in coaching and training project teams.

Helene is the founder of Agile Groupies, a Scrum Alliance Meetup, based in Ann Arbor with over 300 members located in the southeastern Michigan and northern Ohio area, and can be found providing training and speaking at Meetups, Agile & Beyond conferences, and PMI Chapter meetings.

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