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Seven Compelling Reasons to get Agile Certified at

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Agile has caught on and now everyone is creating Agile Certifications. Is there a difference between one certification and another? Is there a best choice for getting Agile/Scrum certified? We think so, and below are seven reasons we encourage our students to get their Agile/Scrum Certifications from

  1. does not require you to take their training classes to become certified. If you have the knowledge and experience you can take the certification exams any time you wish for a relatively small fee... no expensive class required. You can become a Professional Scrum Master with a certification from for as little as $150.

  2. does not require you to take expensive recertification exams once you are certified. The core knowledge in Scrum is straightforward and captured in the 16 page long Scrum Guide. Once you have mastered the core information and applied it, you will not forget it and you are Certified for life! does not require expensive and unnecessary recertification, or the tracking of continuing education credits.

  3. Question Bank and Open Assessments has a giant question bank of practice questions and open assessments. You can take them at any time and you can take them repeatedly, with most of the questions changing each time you take a practice exam. You can use these tools to confidently grow your knowledge of Scrum and to prepare for the paid certification exams.

  4. Certifications are Respected by Companies Worldwide has the Certifications you need to advance your agile career. They have exams for all Agile roles including Professional Scrum Master, Professional Scrum Product Owner, Professional Scrum Developer, Professional Agile Leadership, Professional Scrum with Kanban, Professional Scrum with User Experience, and Scaled Professional Scrum.

  5. was Founded by Scrum Guru and Creator Ken Schwaber You are getting official Scrum from Ken Schwaber, an original creator of Scrum and an original signer of the Agile Manifesto. He created to address shortfalls he was seeing in the Agile community in training, education, and certification. His approach to education and certification is designed to help people grow in their knowledge and expertise, and is clearly within the spirit of Agile and Scrum.

  6. recognizes the profound nature of core Agile principles. Scrum focuses on powerful, simple, and profound concepts. Although the Scrum Guide is short and focused, certification questions demonstrate and demand deep understanding of the underlying principles of Scrum. You will have learned what you truly need to have learned as you pass certification exams.

  7. allows people like us to provide you with crazy great value. Like our Scrum Professional Training Plan to prepare you to pass all five basic Scrum Certification Tests fast… for what other organizations charge to train you to pass just a single certification.

All of these reasons and more are why we encourage you to make your place to go for Agile certifications.


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