What the Top 1% of Product Managers Know That You Don't:
How a Small Handful are Creating Killer Products

(while changing users lives along the way!)

You're going to discover...

  • A simple 4-step process for creating great Agile backlogs in 3 days, with only 4 meetings...

  • How to take an existing backlog from ‘overwhelming to workable’ in less than a week, even if you’ve spent months building it...

  • Why filling Jira with 1500+ user stories is a complete waste of time… and what to do instead...

  • How to deliver value every Sprint by writing stories which are easier to understand, prioritize, and develop.

  • Effective ways to communicate to delivery teams... even if they are working remotely half-way around the world… 

  • Why 1-on-1 interviewing and writing it all down as user stories is the SLOWEST, most tedious, least effective way of creating a backlog… 

  • How to create truly GREAT PRODUCTS which impress executives, wins you the plum assignments, and maximizes your salary and bonuses. 

Presented by

Helene Gidley & Tom Meloche

Tom & Helene are world class Agile instructors and pioneers who have been building backlogs and leading Agile initiatives since 1999.

This MASTERCLASS tells how to achieve these results by making small changes in how YOU work, without having to change your organization. 

Who is This For?

  • Anyone responsible for building Agile backlogs, usually with titles like Product Owner or Product Manager.

  • People who manage or coach Product Owners and Product Managers. 

  • Anyone who writes user stories including Analysts, UX Designers, Information Architects, Scrum Masters, and Test Leads.

  • Executives interested in how to create highly- productive software delivery organizations.

Anyone who would benefit from learning how to quickly and effectively create great Agile backlogs is welcome to attend, it is free!