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Agile Workshops

Workshops for Meetups, Agile Conferences, Community Groups, and Lunch & Learn Sessions


Agile at Home

Do you have unfinished projects at home? Congratulations, you have been handed the toughest job in the world... working while surrounded by continuous distractions. How would your life change if you had a proven process to quickly organize and prioritize your work in way that makes you want to get it done? A process that reliably and repeatedly helps you:

  • Deliver great results

  • Achieve your goals

  • And inspire yourself to take action

This is what we teach in our free 90-minutes class Agile@Home Using Kanban. This workshop contains the secrets of the best Agile Product Owners... now applied to anything you want to achieve at home.


"I have already applied it and it changed how I work with my personal assistant.
For the first time it is really working. Thank you for the class."
-Janet Benge


Personas are central to design thinking, innovation, story mapping, marketing, and sales. Yet most teams create horrible personas if they create them at all.  This free immersive workshop teaches how to create great personas and why creating them is so valuable. If you have doubts about the value of personas before the workshop you truly must attend! 

Great personas make every project more successful. This is a workshop we have given for years to entrepreneurs at the University of Michigan.

"A highlight of my product development class."
-U of M Entrepreneur Student 

A Study in Magic


Get Certified for Only $150 - All your questions answered!

There are five major providers of Agile certification, but which one is right for you?  Are you curious about Agile/Scrum training and certification? Get answers to all of your questions in our FREE live workshop.  We cover:

  • Who are the respected Agile certification organizations

  • How Agile certifications can help you become a better agilist

  • Why Agile certifications get you better jobs and higher pay 

  • Which Agile certification is right for your role

  • What Agile certifications frequently cost

  • How to reduce certification costs as much as 90%

"We also cover our special system to help you earn 3 Top Quality Agile Certifications FAST...

for very little money."

If you are interested in these topics, or have new questions of your own, please join us to find the answers. If Agile Certification is not the right answer for you, we will even help you determine that too.

"Great insights for my career. Well worth the one hour of time."
-Professional Between Jobs

"You guys were a TERRIFIC team today... you conveyed eye popping ideas in an enjoyable, digestible, accessible, engaging manner... you REALLY drew them in... TERRIFIC is the word that comes to mind... YUP, you guys were TERRIFIC!

Thank you, thank you!  

-Elliot Soloway , Professor University of Michigan

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