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When You Want To Go FAST

Fast and Effective ADVANCED Agile Program

A GAME CHANGER program to rapidly advance your Agile skills and prepare for multiple "top-quality" Agile exams. 

This course is a great for:


  • Individuals retooling and advancing their careers

  • Teams learning Agile together

  • Organizations seeking a positive and productive Agile transformation

  • Anyone interested in passing Scrum Master, Product Owner, Developer, and Kanban exams

On-Line Live Immersion Training on ZOOM


Taught by Agile Masters Tom Meloche and Helene Gidley. This is NOT a webinar. This is live, hands-on keyboard, immersive and interactive training. You need a quiet room, web camera on, microphone and good lighting.

An effective and fun way to advance your Agile skills and prepare for certification.

"Credentials of and reputation of instructors are unparalleled."

"After this class I had no trouble passing the exam."

Jam packed with great material and hands-on activities. You will not be bored.

What You Receive

  • Agile/Scrum Training Handbook 

  • Class Worksheets and Agile Vocabulary

  • Printable Certificate of Completion

  • 20 PDU's or SEU's

Remote Meetings that Rock.png

What You Learn

The Foundations of Agile/Scrum including: 

  • Foundational Agile practices and principles

  • Process flow vocabulary

  • Kanban

  • Scrum values

  • Scrum events, roles, and artifacts

  • The power of Agile ceremonies

  • Requirements management

  • Story writing and estimating

  • Tracking progress

  • Retrospective

  • The perils of multitasking

  • The power of single-piece flow


The capstone event drives home the material through a full Scrum simulation including planning, story writing, estimating, and delivering through short sprints. 

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Class Structure

  • 2 half-day on-line live workshops (4 hours each)

  • 8 weekly workshops (2 hours each)

  • 2 optional certification jams sessions

Agile/Scrum ADVANCED Program

Preparation for Multiple Scrum Exams

One Low Price 

One of the 25 Highest Paid Jobs in America

Did you know big business frequently hire Scrum Masters and Agile coaches? 


In the current Glassdoor survey Scrum was listed as one of the 25 highest paying jobs in America, with a median base salary of $98,239 a year. Ranked currently at #20, it's even more money than an Attorney.

This class is a great way to prepare for Scrum Master exams, a first step if you want to turn this life-changing skill into a career as well. In addition, attendees who complete the course earn 20 PDU's or SEU's. If you don't know what any of this means don't worry, we will teach you!

Scrum Master Clip.png

Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in Agile and Agile transformation including developers, testers, analysist, managers, executives, Scrum masters, Agile coaches, user experience designers, product owners, quality analysts, and anyone seeking a well rounded understanding of Agile... all benefit from this class. 

Anyone passionate about working smarter and being happier while actually getting more done is welcome! 

Agile/Scrum ADVANCED Program

Preparation for Multiple Scrum Exams
One Low Price 

World Class Instructors

"The 'real world' experience of the instructors enables them to draw from a rich tapestry of stories. More than just lecture, they keep you engaged in the learning process. There are no bystanders here!"

Tom Meloche

Tom was an Agile pioneer. He created and taught the very first class on Agile in Michigan in 2002.


  • Over the past eighteen years he led Agile transformations in companies both large and small

  • Tom co-founded Menlo Innovations LLC, the company featured in the book "Joy Inc. How we built a workplace people love."

  • He has overseen the delivery of hundreds and hundreds of Agile projects with budgets counted in billions

Helene Gidley

Helene has been working as an Agile trainer, mentor, and coach for fifteen years.  A coach of coaches, she leads the annual Agile Coach Retreat in Ann Arbor MI.


  • She has thirty years of experience in the IT industry

  • She consults and trains for the Fortune 500, startups, and mid-sized companies bringing broad Agile experience, coaching, and training to project teams


  • She is the founder of Agile Groupies, a Scrum Meetup, which has been running for 10 years

Tom and Helene believe in Appreciative Agile, growing agility with our clients by celebrating and embracing the best of their existing corporate culture. 

Joy Inc.jpg
IMG_E6259 Helene Resized.JPG

Agile/Scrum Foundations

Preparation for Multiple Scrum Exams
One Low Price 

"Good pace, good speakers, relevant answers to questions about our company."

-Don Bruey, Thomson Reuters

"Very informative. Presenters were energetic and kept me focused and interested. Great job!!"

-Chris Prescott, Active Aero 

"Fun to do, learned concepts! Applicable even in a not completely Scrumable world.
Learning through experiencing."

-Stefanie Konrad, MIVU

Exam Fees (Not Included)

Exam fees are not included in the price of this workshop. After attending this course you will be directed where to go to take world recognized top-quality Scrum exams.

We recommend you take at least two. 

All students do additional personal study to pass these exams. We show you what and how to study for each exam. Most students pass two exams within one week of taking this class. The content of this class is required for all of these types of exams.

  • Scrum Master: $150 exam fee

  • Product Owner: $200 exam fee

  • Developer: $200 exam fee

  • Kanban: $200 exam fee

  • Leader: $200 exam fee

The exam fees are with another organization and subject to change. 

Students taking this class are encouraged to take at least Scrum Master and Product Owner exams within a week of completing the course. 


This class is not endorsed by or affiliated with, the organization which provides the exams. 

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