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A simple way to help manifest the future you most desire. 

In this workshop you will create a future vision for you or your team.

One of the first tools great Agile coaches, Scrum Masters, and Product Owners master is writing a Future Vision. A Future Vision is an emotionally packed picture of what a preferred future world looks and feels like. A vision from the perspective of somebody already living in that world.

The Future Vision focuses the team’s energy:

  • Simplifying decision making

  • Establishing clear and measurable goals

  • Motivating and inspiring the team

  • Providing a collective definition of success

We strongly encourage creating Future Visions every time you form a team, start a project, or set an important goal.


March 17th, 2022


11:30am EST to 1:00PM EST


ZOOM. You must be able to run ZOOM, have a quiet place to work, a working camera and good microphone. 

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Anyone interested in how to write a future vision to bring positive change. This workshop is applicable to everyone in your organization inside or outside of Agile teams. Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Managers, and Executives are strongly encouraged to attend.

What You Will Learn

In this workshop practice creating the essential elements of a Future Vision:

  • Achievable—something the team believes could happen

  • Inspiring—providing the team with positive emotional energy

  • Documented—written down, so the team agrees on what it says

  • Radiated—publicly visible so everyone involved in achieving it, knows it

Future visioning does not concern itself with ‘how’ the success will be achieved. It is not a plan to achieve it. Rather it is a detailed emotional picture of something already achieved—in the future. The style of writing a Future Vision is a human brain hack. It turns out if we write a Future Vision as if it has already happened it becomes easier to achieve.

A future vision is created with appreciative and positive language. It is amazingly versatile, and may be written for individuals, teams, departments, and entire organizations. A Future Vision may be created for the next sales presentation you give, the next retrospective you run, or for what your business department looks like weeks, months, or years into the future.

This hands-on 90-minute on-line training event is taught by Agile Masters Helene Gidley and Thomas Meloche. Register today as attendance is limited.

World Class Instructors

This event is unique in that it is taught by world class Agile instructors: Helene Gidley and Tom Meloche. It is a special opportunity to learn Agile from people with so much real-world experience. 

Helene Gidley​

Helene has been working as an Agile trainer, mentor, and coach for fifteen years.  A coach of coaches, she leads the annual Agile Coach Retreat in Ann Arbor MI.


  • She has thirty years of experience in the IT industry

  • She consults and trains for the Fortune 500, startups, and mid-sized companies bringing broad Agile experience, coaching, and training to project teams


  • She is the founder of Agile Groupies, a Scrum Alliance Meetup, which has been running for 10 years

"I know visioning works, and after this session so will you." - Helene

A2Agile Microphone 1 6 20.jpg

Tom Meloche

Tom was an Agile pioneer. He created and taught the very first class on Agile in Michigan in 2002.


  • Over the past eighteen years he led Agile transformations in companies both large and small

  • Tom co-founded Menlo Innovations LLC, the company featured in the book "Joy Inc. How we built a workplace people love."

Joy Inc.jpg

  • He has overseen the delivery of hundreds and hundreds of Agile projects with budgets counted in billions

"You will love this workshop on visioning." -Tom

"I used a Future Vision to find our new office space. I was tempted to select several other offices before finding THE PERFECT OFICE. I was fortunate enough to write a Future Vison in this workshop on my office space. It help prevent me from making a big mistake.

And, it made the final decision simple when I found an office spaced I actually loved.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this workshop. 

-Amy B.

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