We know that implementing Scrum can be challenging. Each new Scrum event, role, artifact is a culture change from the status quo. And culture changes are hard. If you’re hearing “That won’t work here” and “We can’t have any more meetings on our calendars”, you know you’re getting pushback from the kinds of things you’re trying to implement. 


We’ve heard these too. And so have many others. There is no reason to work through this on your own. 

Harness the power of collaboration.

That’s why we’ve started our bi-monthly Agile, Scrum, and Kanban Discussion Group using a Lean Coffee format. This will be a place for you to share what is and isn’t working and get insights from others. A place to ask questions about passing your Agile certification exams. A place to learn how to apply the Agile/Scrum and Kanban practices for your teams. And when to use each one. 


We’ve structured these as informal sessions. Jump in on one or all discussion group sessions. Use it when you need a little boost, moral support, or positive energy injected into your week. Come to share something really great that you've discovered!  

Facilitated by A2Agile Founders Helene Gidley and Tom Meloche.



Fourth Tuesday of every other month
(Starting Feb 22 in 2022)


12:01pm - 1:00pm EDT 


ZOOM. You must be able to run ZOOM, have a quiet place to work, a working camera and good microphone. 


All A2Agile students (past, present, or future) and friends are invited to participate. 

We discuss other ways for ourselves and our students to grow in our knowledge of Agile and Scrum. Ways that don't inherently compromise ourselves or our message. Ways that deliver more value, faster, through self-organization, not centralization. Ways more true to the spirit of Agile and Scrum.

World Class Instructors

This event is unique in that it is taught by world class Agile instructors: Helene Gidley and Tom Meloche. It is a special opportunity to learn Agile from people with so much real-world experience. 

Helene Gidley​

Helene has been working as an Agile trainer, mentor, and coach for fifteen years.  A coach of coaches, she leads the annual Agile Coach Retreat in Ann Arbor MI.


  • She has thirty years of experience in the IT industry

  • She consults and trains for the Fortune 500, startups, and mid-sized companies bringing broad Agile experience, coaching, and training to project teams


  • She is the founder of Agile Groupies, a Scrum Alliance Meetup, which has been running for 10 years

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Tom Meloche

Tom was an Agile pioneer. He created and taught the very first class on Agile in Michigan in 2002.


  • Over the past eighteen years he led Agile transformations in companies both large and small

  • Tom co-founded Menlo Innovations LLC, the company featured in the book "Joy Inc. How we built a workplace people love."

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  • He has overseen the delivery of hundreds and hundreds of Agile projects with budgets counted in billions

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