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** Revealed **

The Super Simple 4-Step Process to Create an Awesome Agile Backlog in 3 Days, with only 4 Meetings

(even if you are just starting a new project) 

1. 4 Step Process ( 21:26)

How to create a great Agile backlog in 3 days, with only 4 meetings. 

2. Six Signs a Backlog is Broken (5:33)

Simple ways to know your backlog has problems. 

3. The Victory Mindset (13:33)

Why most Product Owner training doesn't work... and how we fixed the problem. 

4. Advancing Your Career (1:34)

Why mastering this material may be one of the best things you ever do for your career. 

5. Who Are We Anyway (3:37)

Meet Tom & Helene, the program creators and world class Agile instructors.

6. Next Steps (5:46)

Next steps to master creating Great Agile Backlogs.  Please watch ALL SIX videos before you press APPLY.

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