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Wednesday February 27, 2019
12:01pm EST On-Line Webinar

Agile teams who create great products always have one thing in common, they build Great Agile Backlogs. Discover what these teams do and how they do it in our free webinar “Seven Secrets to Creating Great Agile Backlogs.”

I’m Helene Gidley, and along with my partner Tom Meloche, we’ve spent the past two decades studying Agile software development all over the world.

In that time we’ve seen many brilliant products produced-- innovative, game changing products from companies of every shape and size. The Agile teams who create great products always have one thing in common--they build Great
Agile Backlogs.


In our free webinar Seven Secrets to Creating Great Agile Backlogs we share the secrets of these great Agile teams with you.

If you are a Product Owner, Scrum Master, Agile Coach or Business Stakeholder involved in creating Agile backlogs you will love learning these techniques. Some of them are so simple you can start applying them today.

Man next to two women looking at post-it notes on a wall.

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